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The Hospital Victoria Eugenia and its team are dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of its patients and stakeholders, which has led it to develop a Quality and Environmental Policy that has been recognised at the European level.

The Hospital Victoria Eugenia has featured a management system based on a commitment to Quality (ISO 9001) and to the Environment (ISO 14000) since 2004.

This quality system depends, on the one hand, on a document structure supporting and governing the daily operations of the people working at the hospital through procedures, protocols, instructions organising work, etc. and, secondly, a series of quality and performance indicators that gauge the quality of our services and our users’ perceptions. For the latter we conduct telephone surveys and use suggestion books available to our users at any of the Hospital’s entrances.

We have recently obtained advanced-level certification by the Andalusian Health Quality Agency, demonstrating our compliance with quality standards, duly verified by the health authorities.

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