Mission, Vision and Values

//Mission, Vision and Values
Mission, Vision and Values2017-05-22T11:09:09+00:00
  1. Mission

Providing high-quality health care and services to patients and families who come to the hospital, making a concerted effort to provide the most personalised care and attention.

  1. Vision

To stand as a landmark healthcare facility in Seville, especially in the northern area of the city, committed to the health needs and the success of all its stakeholders: clients, people, collaborators and the Spanish Red Cross.

  1. Our Values
  • Providing the highest-quality attention to our clients, patients and visitors, with personalised service, seeing to their human and care needs.
  • To respect the principles of ethics in care, information, independence and impartiality in our actions.
  • Collaboration, respect, understanding and unity amongst our workers, and teamwork.
  • Environmental protection and the exercise of social responsibility in our activity.
  • The continuous improvement of our people and facilities through training and investment in growth.
  • Cooperation, solidarity and the defence of patients’ rights.
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